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Our mission is to accelerate Canada's transition to sustainable, eco-friendly, and low impact household products. We want to prove that quality, environmentally-friendly home goods can be an accessible and affordable alternative. 🌞

The goal of our online store is to be a convenient, low to zero-waste, one-stop-shop that specializes in package-free, plastic-free, natural, and reusable items for everyday living! 🌈🌎

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Here At Worldlet, Our Customers Are Our #1 Priority.

Yes. We love our customers just as much as we love our planet! And that's saying something 😉 In addition to providing environmentally-friendly alternatives for the home, while sourcing a huge selection of sustainable everyday items from Canadian companies, we also aim to provide fantastic customer service. We process orders within 24 hours so that you can start your zero waste journey faster. Got a question? We are happy to help. You can email us and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. We care about our Earth 🌎 and our customers! 💚