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Our mission is to accelerate Canada's transition to sustainable, eco-friendly, and low impact household products. We want to prove that quality, environmentally-friendly home goods can be an accessible and affordable alternative.

The goal of our online store is to be a convenient, low to zero-waste, one-stop-shop that specializes in package-free, plastic-free, natural, and reusable items for everyday living! In addition to supporting our small business, and investing in a greener future, we pledge that one tree will be planted for each and every order placed!


One tree planted for every order

With every online order placed, we will plant one tree!


Pick-up Location:

Half Hours on Earth Brewery

151 Main St South,

Seaforth, Ontario, Canada

How to pick-up:

1. Place your order online.

2. Contact us at worldletecoshop@gmail.com

3. Arrange a pick-up date/time.

Local Delivery:

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