Onyx Stainless Steel 2 Layer Tiffin Food Storage Container For A Plastic-free Lunch

Stainless Steel 2-Layer Tiffin Food Storage Container

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The Onyx 2-tier double walled lunch box will keep your food hot or cold for hours! Great for bringing lunch, storing leftovers, or getting takeout.

It is made from #202 food grade Stainless Steel and is easy to clean and use. The individual bowls are dishwasher and oven safe and the frame can be hand-washed.

To help specify the contents, date or owner, you can simply write on the container with a grease/wax pencil.

Each bowl is 14cm/5.5" in diameter & 6.35cm/2.5" in height.

2-tier tiffin height: 21.59cm/8.5" 

Canadian company, ethically made in South Korea.

With proper care, these should last forever. But since they are stainless steel, they can be recycled.