B Yoga B MAT Strong 6mm In Charcoal Non-toxic

B Yoga B MAT Strong 6mm - Charcoal

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The B MAT Strong 6mm offers superior cushioning for the yogi looking for more comfort and support. Whether you have a high-impact Vinyasa practice or simply desire a little extra comfort during Restorative, Nidra or other slower-moving practices - the environmentally friendly B MAT Strong has you supported!

Care: The best way to clean your B MAT is by wiping the surface on a regular basis with plain water and neutral soap (avoid using solvents or harsh abrasives as these will break down the compounds that keep the B MAT grippy and supportive). Alternatively you could whip up a cleaning solution with enzymatic action by mixing half water and half vinegar or lemon juice. Any of these options are an effective gentle cleaner, great on a B MAT surface. To dry your mat, it can go in the dryer or you can take it outside to dry. It is best to avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight (an outdoor yoga class is still a go though).

Material: 100% rubber (natural rubber and a small percentage of recycled synthetic rubber is blended in to give the mat more durability). Oeko-Tex certified and free of toxins or harmful chemicals.

B Yoga does not use any harsh chemicals, finishes or sealants on their mats. With that said, any smell omitted from their mats is going to be the natural rubber scent which is inherent to the material used to make up the mat. This natural rubber scent is most apparent (but still fairly mild) first out of packaging but will dissipate with time and increased air exposure.

Dimensions: 71" x 26" / 180 cm x 66 cm  Thickness: 6 mm  Weight: 5 lbs

Canadian company, sustainably and responsibly produced in Spain.

Paper sleeve can be recycled. Should last a long time with proper care, however mat can be recycled.