CoffeeSock DIY Coldbrew Kit Includes 1 CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter & 1 32 oz. Zero Waste Mason Jar

CoffeeSock - DIY Coldbrew Kit - 32 oz.

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Complete Kit for making the perfect cold brew coffee easily and eco-friendly! This plastic-free kit brews small batches for small spaces - from the dorm room to the camp site. Prepare the most delicious cold brew coffee in 6-10 hours.

Includes: 1 CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter - Quart Size and 1 32 oz. mason jar

Instructions: Stretch filter over mouth of jar. Grind 1 cup (3 oz. by weight) of your favourite coffee to a medium/coarse grind. Pour the coffee into the CoffeeSock filter and bloom to start (wet ground thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds). Fill jar with cold water. Twist neck of filter, wrap tie string around neck a few times and slip neck of filter through glass ring. Allow to soak for 6-10 hrs. Remove filter and rest in mouth of jar to fully drain. Enjoy your freshly brewed 3 cups of ColdBrew concentrate.

Care: Handle like you would other kitchen equipment, but avoid detergents. After brew is complete, remove grounds from filter. Do not allow grounds to remain in filter longer than is necessary to fully drain. Evert filter and brush away most of remaining coffee grounds. Rinse filter well, wring out excess water, and hang to dry. With time oils will build up in the filters. The oils may be removed by boiling in fresh water. This is also an alternative method for sanitization. Sanitize in the same manner when cross contamination is suspected. Allow filters to dry thoroughly between brews.

Filter handmade from USDA Certified organic cotton. Mason jar made of glass and steel. Vegan.

Size: 32 oz / 946 ml

Made in the USA.

Glass mason jar can be reused or recycled. Once worn out, the filter can be composted and the metal ring can be recycled.

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