Redecker Copper Pot Scrubbers Plastic-free Cleaning Pads Set Of 2

Copper Pot Scrubbers

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This set of 2 Bürstenhaus Redecker plastic-free scrubbing pads cleans thoroughly and gently! Great at removing burned on grime from pots, pans, and stoves. Polishes sinks until they gleam. Can also remove layers of dirt and rust from blades, bikes, cars and more. As copper is a soft metal, it will not leave scratches on enamel, glass, or ceramics. Extremely long lasting and are washing machine safe at 60°c (please put in a line-sack or sock). Always test with plenty of water in a non-visible place before use. Not for use on teflon or similar surfaces. Use in wet condition only.

Made of woven copper fibre. 

Size: 7.5 cm

German based company, made in the Netherlands.

100% recyclable.

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