Dispatch Coffee - Buhorwa

Dispatch Coffee - Buhorwa

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Tasting Notes: black tea, orange, and butterscotch.

Buhorwa is a washing station near Bukeye, Burundi. Dispatch visited Buhorwa in 2019, after years of buying this coffee. Contributors to this lot are supported by Projet Veche, an initiative that helps farmers diversify their incomes with good agricultural practices. Aromatic and sweet, like waking up and smelling the flowers.

Dispatch whole bean coffee is 100% traceable to the people and places of its provenance. Every bag supports a positive social and environmental impact. A journey from a distant farm to your morning cup, and from your cup to a fairer and more sustainable future for coffee!

Size: 333 g / 11.75 oz

Roasted with love in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Bag is compostable and Omnidegradable (will degrade in a landfill within 2 years, maximum - leaving behind only Water, CO 2, and a small amount of Organic biomass, all beneficial to plant growth).