Dispatch Coffee - Sueños de Selguapa - Plastic-free Whole Coffee Beans Roasted In Canada

Dispatch Coffee - Sueños de Selguapa

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Tasting notes: coconut cream, pear, and cashew.

Selguapa is a town in the Comayagua Mountains, Honduras. This selection shows four producers who are early in their evolution toward producing self-grown and self-processed specialty coffees. In collaboration with Dispatch's importing partners, Semilla, they are thrilled to support farmers at this stage, ensuring that there is a market for them today and momentum for the future.

Dispatch whole bean coffee is 100% traceable to the people and places of its provenance. Every bag supports a positive social and environmental impact. A journey from a distant farm to your morning cup, and from your cup to a fairer and more sustainable future for coffee!

Size: 333 g / 11.75 oz

Roasted with love in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Bag is compostable and Omnidegradable (will degrade in a landfill within 2 years, maximum - leaving behind only Water, CO 2, and a small amount of Organic biomass, all beneficial to plant growth).