Halfmoon Linen Crescent Meditation Cushion In Light Mushroom Brown Colour For An Environmentally-friendly Yoga Lifestyle

Linen Crescent Meditation Cushion

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Halfmoon's crescent meditation cushion is designed to help you sit tall with relaxed, happier hips. This crescent shape provides a wide, stable base of support with room to tuck your ankles in close to your body. Those with moderately tight - neutral hips will benefit from the height given by the Crescent Meditation Cushion.

Tip: For the best sitting posture, make sure your knees are lower than your hips.

This product is part of Halfmoon's Premium Linen Collection and is a premium, timeless, and earth-friendly option within their textile lineup. With an elevated, yet artisanal aesthetic, you can invest in this luxurious fabric option in good-conscience. The low levels of water used to grow the flax plants in creating these fibers, make it much more earth-friendly than alternative fibers in the market. Bonus: Their linens not only have a soft hand feel and cooling properties but also are biodegradable!

Materials: Cover: 100% linen. Filling: natural buckwheat hulls. Light mushroom colour.

Care: Unzip case and pour hulls into a bag. Cold machine wash cover, hang to dry, then refill.

Size: 51 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm / 20" x 11" x 5" (Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.8 lbs - Cushions are filled by volume. Due to the natural differences in buckwheat, may vary by + or 5%)

Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Should last a long time with care, but is completely biodegradable or compostable.