Well Kept Stainless Steel Astra Safety Razor Blades For Plastic-free & Zero Waste Shaving

Safety Razor Blades

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Never throw out another plastic disposable replacement head again!

Set of 20 recyclable Astra safety razor blades compatible with all Well Kept Safety Razors.

They recommend switching out the blade every 5-8 shaves.

Tips and tricks here:

how to assemble a safety razor
how to shave with a safety razor

Made of stainless steel, coated in platinum. 

Collect your used blades in their blade bank and recycle them all at once. Paper packaging is recyclable or compostable. 

*Caution: This product is intended for shaving only. Well kept & Worldlet do not take any responsibility for injury or harm caused by use (or misuse) of this product. Keep out of children’s reach. 

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