Onyx Stainless Steel Condiment Container For A Plastic-free Lunch

Stainless Steel Condiment Container

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This leak proof Onyx dip/sauce container is perfect for salad dressing, hummus, salsa... any condiment you like!

The lid and container are made of sustainable 18/8 food grade, high quality stainless steel. The lid has a replaceable, food grade silicone seal that is easy to open and close. It is dishwasher safe and fits inside all Onyx containers.

To help specify the contents, date or owner, you can simply write on the container with a grease/wax pencil.

44 ml / 1.5 oz

Canadian company, ethically made in South Korea.  

With proper care, these should last forever. But since they are stainless steel, they can be recycled.