The New New Age Alien Mother Goddess Loose Leaf Organic Vegan Tea With Holy Basil & Mint For A Plastic-free Lifestyle

The New New Age - Alien Mother Goddess Tea

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Holy Basil & Mint Tea

This special limited edition tea was hand harvested exclusively from the regenerative landscape of our farm in southern Ontario.

An otherworldly combination of Holy Basil harvested under a full moon and various mint species, use this alchemical blend of sacred herbs to commune with Divine Feminine consciousness. 

“One possible view of the flying saucer is that it is a kind of projection from the consciousness of the planet; that it is Gaia, that it is in fact a kind of alchemical object haunting human historical time with a symbol of turn us away from the rational and toward the intuitive, to turn us away from the paternalistic, Apollonian, solar, masculine view of things and toward a kind of watery, lunar, mysterious, inuitively-felt feminine force, almost as though the UFO is a manifestation of Mother Goddess.”  -Terence McKenna

Infuse 1 pinch of tea in a vessel of hot water. Let steep for 4 minutes. Strain.

Ingredients: Holy Basil harvested on a full moon and various mint species.

35 g

Made in Port Stanley, Ontario

Glass jar can be reused or recycled, metal lid can be recycled.

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