Woodlot Nourishing Facial Toner

Woodlot Nourishing Facial Toner

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A blend of rose water, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid make this toner the ultimate in tightening and soothing. Mist, moisturize and make way for radiant skin. Contains Hyaluronic acid. Ideal for all skin types.

Usage: Shake well to blend and apply on a reusable facial round and wipe on face and neck after cleansing and prior to applying moisturizer or facial oil.

Ingredients: Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Glycerin*, Radish Root Ferment, Rose Geranium Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Hyaluronic Acid   *Organic Ingredient

Crafted with an emphasis on high quality, plant based ingredients. Made naturally without GMOs, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. 100% eco-friendly, vegan and never tested on animals.

Size: 60 ml

Made in British Columbia, Canada     

The glass jar and dropper can be reused or recycled.

(For external use only. When trying a new product for the first time, we recommend performing a patch test. This can simply be done by applying a small amount to your forearm and waiting for 24 hours to see if any irritation occurs.)